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Wondering about your order's arrival time?

Our products ship directly from international warehouses in China, with processing taking around 3 business days and delivery around 7 business days post-dispatch.

Please be patient during peak times like holidays and high-demand periods such as Christmas, where dispatch may take a little longer. Keep an eye on your spam/junk folder for the dispatched email. If it's MIA, contact us at for real-time info.

Damaged Goods: Snap some pics and send them our way at

While we ensure robust packaging, any mishandling by couriers is beyond our control.

Need to cancel or change your order? Notify us within 24 hours, and we'll do our best. If it's already in transit, you'll need to wait until it arrives for a return and full refund.

Still waiting on your order? No need to panic; give it at least 14 days from dispatch. If it's MIA after that, contact us for a look into it. We offer a Money Back Guarantee or a resent order if needed.

Address mix-up? No worries, contact us within 24 hours to fix it before shipping. If it's shipped, unfortunately, we can't help.

Missing a confirmation email? Check your spam/junk folder first. If it's still elusive, let us know for a resend.

Tracking number MIA? Check your dispatch email; if it's not there, email us at for an update.

Please allow 1-3 days for tracking to sync with the carriers.

Payment Options: We accept major credit/debit cards and PayPal via the Stripe-powered Shopify Payment system. Declined card? No sweat, contact us for guidance.

Shipping costs? Fear not, we offer FREE INSURED SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS.